Decentralized Web Summit 2016 attendee portrait

In June 2016, an early group of builders, archivists, policymakers, and journalists gathered for the first Decentralized Web Summit within the columns of the Internet Archive headquarters in San Francisco, home to one of the world’s largest digital libraries. Its founder, Brewster Kahle, issued a challenge to these early developers: let's use decentralized technologies to “Lock the Web Open,” this time for good.

2016's gathering was a call to the Dreamers to build a better Web.

2018's Decentralized Web Summit – Global Visions / Working Code is a demonstration of how far we have come. With scores of prototypes and apps now built with decentralized protocols, it's time to collaborate, communicate and engage the communities who need these tools the most.


Coming to Dweb 2018

Allen Gunner Gunn
Antonio Tenorio-Fornés
Researcher, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Brewster Kahle
Founder, Internet Archive
Brian Warner
Founder, Tahoe-LAFS
Christina Bowen
Digital Life Collective
Cory Doctorow
Danielle Robinson
Code for Science and Society, Co-Executive Director
David Irvine
Founder & Ceo, MaidSafe
Dimitri De Jonghe
Co-Founder, BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol
Feross Aboukhadijeh
Founder, WebTorrent
Joachim Lohkamp
Jolocom/Ouishare, Founder
Juan Benet
Founder, Protocol Labs
Karissa McKelvey
Code for Science and Society, Board Member
Katie Barrett
Partnerships, Internet Archive
Kerry Maeve Sheehan
Coordinator – Law/Policy/Governance, Internet Archive
Lila Bailey
Policy, Internet Archive
Mary Kay Magistad
Mindy Seu
Fellow, Internet Archive
Mitchell Baker
Mozilla Foundation & Corp, Executive Chairperson
Mouse Reeve
Archive-It Engineer, Internet Archive
Muneeb Ali
Co-Founder, Blockstack
Nicholas Lambert
MaidSafe, Chief Operating Officer
Omayeli Arenyeka
Artist & Technologist
Paige Peterson
User Education & Community Team Lead, Zcash
Paul Frazee
Co-Creator, Beaker Browser
Primavera De Filippi
CERSA/CNRS, Berkman-Klein Center
Richard Caceres
Designer / Engineer, Internet Archive
Sam Hart, Guild, New Computers, Cybernetics Library
Tara Vancil
Co-Creator, Beaker Browser
Tim Berners-Lee
W3C and Solid
Tracey Jaquith
TV Architect, Internet Archive
Vint Cerf
Vivekanand Rajkumar
CTO, MaidSafe
Wendy Hanamura
Director of Partnerships, Internet Archive
Wendy Seltzer
Policy Counsel, W3C
Zooko Wilcox
Founder, Zcash


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